AUDUBON BIRD CALL               

Some reactions from AUDUBON BIRD CALL users:

  • “As is written on the package: -communication is possible- I looked for, and managed to get contact with a song-sparrow!”
  • “In 2010 I will be 72. If, by that time, I still walk around as happily chirping like a bird with your birdcall as I do now, I will be very pleased.”
  • “My children have such hectic lives, that I will give them the AUDUBON BIRD CALL. Perhaps it will make them allow the time to quietly observe birds.”
  • “A cat came slinking nearer, eyeing the many birds in my garden. With my birdcall I made the “alarm” sound and as far as I could tell, I performed a good deed….”
  • “Birds really started coming into our bushes. Now we have bought a bird book in order to learn more about birds.”
  • “In Australia it is “cool” to walk around with a birdcall on a thong around your neck”
  • “We have so much fun with the birdcall. We enclose a foto of our son with it”

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The AUDUBON BIRD CALL is imported to Europe from the U.S.A., where it has been sold for 57 years already. The name “Audubon” refers to the Audubon Society, a prominent organisation in the field of nature research and protection, standing for quality and dependability.

Every AUDUBON BIRD CALL is made by hand. 
A pitch powder filled capsule comes with it to ensure the quality of sound for many years. 
When used as keyholder (length is 2 1/2 “) the owner can always have the AUDUBON BIRD CALL at hand to enjoy nature at any given moment. 
Responsible use does not interfere with, or upset the peace in the bird world.

The price of an AUDUBON BIRD CALL in Europe is € 7,75